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Thanks for your interest in accSYS. As you might have gathered from our site, accSYS exists because we're curious people. We like finding better ways of doing things.

We've been around since 2001, when our MD Duncan Bush left his accounting career – to help other accountants master the digital world. Here's Duncan's story:

“In 2001 I worked in a small accountancy practice. It was the early days of adopting computers and the Internet was only starting to gain momentum. I was the one who worked out if you switch the PCs off and back on it would usually fix any problems… so I got given the job of IT manager.

As part of this role I was involved in setting up the first website for our firm. We used a client to help build it and after many weeks we had a five-page site with a picture of the White House on it! I questioned the image but the Partner seemed quite delighted with it.

That sparked my interest and curiosity in to websites, and the idea of building a great value solution for small accountancy firms in the UK. 6 months later I left the accountancy firm and set up accSYS."

Today, we have more than 1,300 customers who trust us to create and manage professional, informative and successful websites. We know that people in small companies, like accountants, have limited time to focus on things beyond their core business. And not everyone has the skills, knowhow and energy to create and maintain online services.

So we do the hard work for them. We build attractive, functional websites that meet each client's personal preferences - and keep them updated with interesting news.

And we're always on the lookout for new ways of improving things. Our latest development is accSEND – a unique and highly secure way for accountants to share and sign confidential documents.

We're really proud of this innovation. It's faster and more secure than sending PDFs and other documents to their clients via email. We've taken time to deliver impenetrable security encryption to give every accountant complete peace of mind. The digital signature function means that clients can 'sign' and return the document and return it through accSEND when they're ready.

accSEND came about as a result of conversations with our accounting customers and friends – it was a challenge that needed a solution.

It was much the same when we created accLOCAL – a directory of accountancy firms across the UK. We knew it was tricky for people to find an accountant in their local area, so we created a solution. By making it free to join – and free to search – it was easy to attract accountants to join the listing. We now share the details of 3,000 accountants across the UK with potential new customers that are searching online for their support.

We thrive on solving challenges like this, and we love hearing from people in the accountancy business. Get in touch, say hello and share your challenges with us – you might inspire our next problem solving tool!

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