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Why you need a secure messaging tool to send your documents to clients – accSEND

Our natural instinct when sending information these days is to use email. It's built into everything we use – our phones and tablets, PCs and laptops – and lots of us have a many different email addresses that we need to check each day.

Email just isn't secure

But email was never designed to be secure, and it's still pretty easy to gain access to anyone's email data. It can be intercepted at any point – via your device if it's lost, stolen or accessed without authorisation; as the message travels across the network; on a server; or at the recipient's end.

Many of us have had a Gmail or Yahoo account compromised and let's face it, if a presidential candidate's emails can be hacked, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Confidentiality for accountants

As an accountant you regularly deal with sensitive information that your clients want to keep private. So clearly email is not the best way to share those details and documents.

It's not practical or effective to deliver important documents in person, and using a courier is expensive and takes time. In today's online world we expect everything now! That's why we set out to create accSEND – an extremely secure messaging tool that's specifically designed for accountants.

It launched last year, and we're really proud of accSEND. It allows you to send and receive messages, PDFs and important documents instantly via any device. With 10GB of storage you can securely share large amounts of information.

We've also devised a clever digital signature function which means your clients can sign off their accounts or give their approval for any document using the same accSEND tool. Most importantly, accSEND is impenetrable thanks to the latest encryption technologies. We've extensively tested it with external agencies to guarantee complete protection.

Protecting against online crime

Internet security is a really hot topic today, with breaches being reported by companies of all shapes and sizes. Online criminals are becoming ever more prevalent, devising new ways of tricking and extorting funds out of all kinds of individuals and organisations.

But to do this, the hackers need access to private information such as financial details, contact information and other commercially sensitive data. By using accSEND you're protecting both your own business and your clients from exposure to these issues.

We've been careful to keep the costs manageable too, so that this is a tool that's both functional and affordable. accSEND is included as standard in Mercia totalSOLUTION and Practice Track Online – or you can sign up to use it with all your clients for just £20 a month.

Visit our accSEND pages to find out more, or contact us today for all the details.

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