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Making Tax Digital: why your website has never been more important

As an accountant you will already be well aware of the importance of having a strong website – largely for generating new business, but also for engaging existing clients.

Now that all VAT registered businesses have to comply with new Making Tax Digital (MTD) requirements (as of 1 April 2019), your website will be working even harder. Here's why, and how you can make sure you don't miss any opportunities.

1. Explaining

Small businesses in particular will have heard the phrase 'Making Tax Digital' but may not have much of an understanding of the initiative and what it means to them.

While smaller businesses often rely on their accountants to manage the financial side of their company, a savvy company director will also want to look into the details to check that their accountant is delivering.

Having clear information on your website about MTD will attract these visitors and potentially capture new business. A company director may have lost faith in their accountant due to lack of communication on this topic – if so, they'll be looking out for a reputable replacement.

2. Reassuring

MTD is the government's approach to cleaning up the tax system – where errors and mismanagement cost the Exchequer more than £9 billion per year.

Creating digital records will vastly improve accuracy and speed up the process, by sending data direct to HMRC.

So as an accountant, you now not only need to demonstrate your credibility as a finance expert, but also in the digital space. An old, outdated website will actively damage your reputation in this new, digitally enabled word.

3. Leading

This is a new area for all accountants and tax experts, so there's plenty of opportunity to demonstrate your leadership in the field. Now is the time to post articles and blogs positioning your thoughts on MTD and what companies need to be doing to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Explain too how your organisation is embracing the new approach and how you are easing your clients through the process – or managing it entirely for them.

Not only will you demonstrate your professionalism in this space, but the more relevant content your site displays, the better it will perform on Google and other search engines – making you easier to identify.

Update your website now

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