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Corporate social responsibility

The way we conduct business with our customers, our partners, our suppliers, our team members and the effect on the environment and the community around us is fundamentally important to our business ideology. In short, we always aim to act responsibly and fairly in all of our dealings and hope to be treated with the same respect from those that we deal with.


During the festive period we send Christmas eCards for our customers every year.

We do not charge for this service instead, we ask in return, for a pledge of a charitable donation, in lieu of the cost saving of sending the eCards.

In total £21,315 was pledged to both national and regional charities in 2023, with 74,965 eCards being sent on behalf of our customers. Not only did the charities receive 100% of the donation but it was also an environmentally friendly method of delivery.


As a business we consistently try to act responsibly towards the environment.

  • Business travel is kept to an absolute minimum, instead using electronic methods of communication where possible.
  • We have built systems to process and store 100% of our data electronically.
  • Our systems run from our own private cloud and through the latest virtualisation technology we have reduced the number of physical servers required to deliver our services, consequently drastically reducing our power usage.