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accSEND is a unique, extremely secure messaging tool designed specifically for accountants and their clients to share and digitally sign sensitive information - fast.

accSEND allows you to send and receive messages, PDFs and important documents instantly to and from clients via any device. With 10GB of storage, accountants can securely share large amounts of information.

accSEND delivers the fast transfer of documents for digital signature – with impenetrable security encryption.

accSEND is extremely secure, providing full encryption automatically to every message. The application has been rigorously tested by third parties to guarantee complete protection.

Buy accSEND

accSEND starts at just £20/month and sign is only an additional £20/month.

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Upgrade to Sign

Are you a Mercia totalSOLUTION / Practice Track Online website customer? Then you already have access to accSEND and for just £20/month you can receive the SIGN module.

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