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The benefits of accSEND to a business

accSEND is the latest addition to the suite of services we offer our clients – and we're really proud of it.

As accountancy specialists we have many conversations with our customers about the challenges they face in business and what their own clients are looking for.

accSEND was the result of these conversations: we frequently heard that both accountants and their clients needed a fast and secure digital way of sharing information. We love a challenge, so we set our sights on developing a solution.

The result was accSEND, which launched last year after rigorous testing and votes of approval from our customers. Let's look at what accSEND brings to a business…

1. It's fast

In business today we're used to documents arriving in seconds via email or a transfer download. Nobody wants to wait around for the post or a courier delivery any more.

For accountancy clients, especially those in small businesses, there's limited time to devote to financial processes – so when there's a spare hour in the day, they want to get on quickly with what needs to be done. accSEND means documents can be shared, signed and returned in seconds.

It's also an instant way to communicate – messages can be exchanged as fast as a text, but with complete security.

2. It's secure

While many people send all kinds of information via email, it's well known not to be secure. But accountancy documents contain financial performance details, salary information and employee details that businesses do not want to be compromised.

accSEND uses the latest encryption technology and security measures to ensure that any information shared is fully protected from any kind of breach. As part of the development process we employed experts to attempt to break through our defences – and none succeeded.

Today there are daily reports of companies and organisations losing private data: we give our customers complete peace of mind that their information is secure.

3. It's digital

A key part of accSEND is that it gives users the ability to digitally sign documents and return them safely. That makes the approval of reports, financial accounts and statements fast and efficient for everyone. Using any device, the client simply clicks to sign and accSEND creates an automatic record to confirm their agreement. All information is retained for future reference, making auditing a breeze.

We also provide 10GB of storage for every accountant so there's plenty of space, and each accountancy can use accSEND with up to 200 clients.

We think accSEND is the best thing since the solar powered calculator. Visit our accSEND pages to find out more, or contact us today for all the details.

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